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How do i get my hair ';thinned out';? hairdressers maybe answer?

my friend is always getting her hair ';thinned out';.

it looks really good but i dont see any visible layers...?

some ppl say layering makes yur hair thinner, some say it makes it thickre.

i have hair bout 3 inches longer than my shouldes and its naturally wavy-ish.

but it's really thick (my mom says i should be greatful) and idk how i can get it 'thinned out' without taking off too much length.

plzz help, ill vote all (helpful) answers a thumbs up!


: )How do i get my hair ';thinned out';? hairdressers maybe answer?
I have the same problem with my hair.

When you go to get your haircut, ask your hairdresser to get your hair thinned.

They have a special tool that looks like a scissor that they put through your hair (I put in a link below). It will make your hair less heavy and make it feel thinner, without taking any length off!

I hope this helps you! Good luck!How do i get my hair ';thinned out';? hairdressers maybe answer?
They use thinning shears or take a razor and they have special techniques the use with these tools an it takes out the bulk of the hair without cutting so you can keep your length and you don't have to cut layers. Do not attempt to buy them and do this yourself you will end up with a hole in your hair or a mullet. go to a salon and simply say you just want it thinned out.
Go to your hairdresser and tell her exactly what you want. Layering your hair will make it appear thicker, thinning out is different. She will probably use thinning shears, which will remove some of the bulk of thick hair without taking off any length. She (or he) will know what to do, just make sure you tell her that you don't want to take much off the length. Good luck!
It depends what type of hair you have. I have think hair and when I got it thinned out it was ok for the first couple of days but when I washed it *Bam!* Bushy again, It's not always puffy and is a lot easier to handle than before. Some girls in my class are lucky and their hair stays thinned out and straight but I think they had pretty thin hair before!!! So Thick hair = A little bit thinner and easier to control, Thin hair = Easy to control and hot hair every day!!!

Hope this helps!!!

Depends some hair dressers use a razor which I've heard can make your hair thinker and some use those alligator sissors which I haven't heard makes your hair thicker. I would go into a GOOD salon and tell them you'd like your hair thinned and ask them which does what, even after it grows back out. A good hairdresser will be honest with you and explain the process to you. Good luck I'm always so worried when I go get my hair did!!
they use thinning shears, it like a pair of scissors, but it switches as it go down like blade, no it cut only some of the hair, which thins it doesnt make your hair shorter unless they scissors and cut the length of your hair......sometimes they take a razor and go thru your hair and thin it that way. i am not a hair stylists, i get my hair thinned too.
well i know my friend is getting her hair thinned out. I think they have a special brush for it. Or tool. whatever you want to call it. Im not sure if it takes off lenght or not. But i hope this helps!! ask your stylist you want your hair thinned out without your getting length off.
You can thin out the hair without taking the length. Just ask your stylist to do it and make sure she knows you don't want much of the length gone. It will make a big difference. Or you can have it layered.
You can buy thinning shears, my hair is sooooo thick and my friend who is a hair dresser used thinning shears and it helps. Your hair will remain the same length but it won't be as thick.
tell your hairdresser you want your hair thinned out. they will know EXACTLY what your talking about. They have special scissors that dont actually take any length from your hair, but create invisible layers, thus, thinning it out.
NEVER get your hair thinned it will increase the chances of breakage a will take out all of its natural color it can also make it VERY THIN ,FLAT,AND *FRIZZY*
thinning out your hair doesnt really change your length too much. just make sure that your hairdresser is aware that you don't want your length to change so she'll be more careful.

you should be fine (:

hope i helpedd
cut you hair into layers. you need to cut the back of you hair into layers. it will thin out your hair and still look great!

good luck!
Just ask for it thinned out lol.

They will usually use a razor type instrument to do it.
thining and the layer look are diffrent

thining is when they thin your whole head making all your hair even but layering is when they make it ldrennt looks in soem spots shoter on top longer on bottom
take it to the hairdresser.
they cut off some of ur hair from the back where its by ur head and it looks fine just thinner
Let that to the proffesinals!
i think that u should use a straightner.

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